St Matthew's Church

Stretton, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4NT
Vicar: Revd Alan Jewell

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St Matthew's Church

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"Sharing the love of Jesus with all through friendship, prayer & service"

Welcome to St Matthew's Church, Stretton!

Our church building is on Stretton Road, just opposite the Park Royal Hotel. We are part of the Church of England Diocese of Chester and our parish covers Stretton and parts of Appleton. We are linked to St Cross Church, Appleton Thorn, just down the road.
Sunday services are usually held at 9.00 AM, 10.30 AM, and 6.30 PM. (These times vary occasionally, so please check weekly notices or contact us to check.) We also have a midweek communion service on Thursdays at 10.30 AM. If you want to call in to have a look at the church, the best time is usually on a Wednesday morning when we are open for coffee.
On Friday afternoons, we hold our Praise & Play service. This is aimed at children not yet at school and their parents and other carers. You can expect singing, a bible story, craft activities and a drink and a snack.
We have a church school, Stretton St Matthew's Church of England Primary. The school holds services in church each half-term and the church provides a weekly assembly. For details of admissions, please see the school’s website.

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Church Life

Benefice Notices 17th January

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Produced by Laura Booth
Posted 13th Jan 2021

Walking to Jerusalem by Easter

How many of you have rediscovered walking over the past year? Whether that be walking the dog, daily exercise during lockdown, or keep fit exercise. This is for those who do a short daily walk, or a 6 mile hike at the weekend, or just the occasional stroll.

map Stretton to Jerusalem

Whilst we can not collectively walk together, a virtual walk has been created for us, as a way of being together whilst apart. During the 100 days between Christmas Day and Easter Sunday (4th April), the intention is to collectively virtually walk to Jerusalem – a distance of 6,077 km or about 3,800 miles. We are inviting people to join in and make this a community achievement.

The route starts at the lychgate of St Matthew's Church, Stretton goes via London, Bruges, Cologne, Marburg, Bamburg, Munich, Graz, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Ephesus, Xanthos, Adana, Aleppo, Damascus, across the River Jordan (!) and finally to Jerusalem. The church is providing some weekly Reflections on Facebook along the way.

To join the group, send a request to

with details of your connection with the church or the village, and we can then send you an invite to join the group.

Then whenever you go on a walk, log your distance (in km, miles or steps) in the app, and then add that distance to our group walk. We will send some instructions, and provide support.

If you can not/don’t want to use the app, you can still join in by letting us know the distance walked, and we can add your contribution to the walk.

There will be no regular commitment to walk, but you can follow our progress in the app. We will regularly give updates on the group’s progress. At the turn of the year we were just south of Lichfield.

All are welcome to join the St. Matthew’s Easter Walk.

If you have any questions please either e-mail to

or contact us. Stephen and Catherine Edwards

Posted 4th Jan 2021


Public Worship and National Lockdown
Posted 8 Jan 2021

 A new national lockdown is now in place in England. In our own area, we have seen significant increases in COVID19 cases. Government guidance, nevertheless, allows places of worship to hold services, and people are permitted to leave their homes in order to attend a service if they wish.

Advice from the Church of England is that, although public worship is permitted, churches are not required to open, and, of course, no-one is obliged to attend a service. In our diocese, the Bishop of Chester has provided a guide to the options available, but has made it clear that each parish must make its own judgement about how best to serve its community. (At least one diocese has taken a different view and recommended that all worship should go online.)

I have consulted the PCCs of both churches and have spoken with the Churchwardens to see what we feel able to offer. What we have decided to do is as follows:

  • St Cross Church, Appleton Thorn, will hold a service of Holy Communion at 9.30AM on Sundays. You must inform the Churchwarden that you plan to attend so that we can make the appropriate arrangements. 

  • St Matthew’s Church, Stretton, will not hold any Sunday services in the church building. There will, however, be a service of Holy Communion on Thursday mornings at 10.30AM. Again, you must inform the Churchwarden that you plan to attend.

  • There will be a live streamed service at 10.45AM each Sunday which will be shared on the church Facebook pages. You can also join via Zoom if you wish. Please contact me for details.

(Information offered in good faith but subject to change as circumstances and guidance change.)

I am aware that whatever decision we make, some will feel disappointed. A service in a church building excludes those who are shielding or self-isolating, and any who are anxious about the current situation. An online service excludes those who do not have ready access to the internet or who choose not to use social media platforms. What we have done is to offer some options: those who wish to attend a service in church can do so. Those who are happy to join an online service can do so. The online services have reached out to some who might not otherwise think of going to church and we would like to build on the contacts we have made.

It is clear that we must continue to uphold the highest standards of COVID-preparedness. I would remind you that if you plan to attend a service in church you must inform a Churchwarden, and give your contact details. If you turn up without having done so, we cannot guarantee that there will be a place for you.

  • St Cross: Sandra Bates 265294

  • St Matthews: Michele Gwillim 450881

Attendance at a service in church means that you agree to follow all guidance, advice and instructions given by those responsible for the safety and well-being of worshippers. This includes wearing a face-covering (over mouth and nose); maintaining 2 metres distance between yourself and anyone not in your own household or bubble; washing hands regularly, and using sanitizer on entering and leaving the building.

I need to emphasise that the Government guidance gives you permission to attend a church service. It is not permission to catch up with friends socially. Of course, we will want to acknowledge one another, but if you want to chat, please use the phone when you get home!

In particular, please don’t congregate in or around the entrance to the church building. It can be quite unnerving for someone having to walk through a space where others are not allowing sufficient distance for them to pass comfortably.

I would like to thank everyone who has worked so hard to sustain the life of our church communities through these incredibly difficult times: wardens and PCC members, those who clean and look after our buildings, those who contribute to our online presence, those who give generously, and all who have respected the protocols and practices that we have had to follow.

I’m sending this email to a wider audience than those who subscribe to our regular notices: if you want to be added to that list, please let me know. If you would prefer not to receive these occasional emails from me, you can unsubscribe using the link below.

If you are in touch with someone who will not get this information via email, could you please give them ring and let them know? And if you think there is someone who would appreciate a call from the vicar, please let me know!

The arrival of vaccines is at least a sign of hope for us, but ultimately, as the Psalmist puts it:

Our soul waits for the Lord;
he is our help and shield.

Our heart is glad in him,
because we trust in his holy name.

Let your steadfast love, O Lord, be upon us,
even as we hope in you.

Psalm 33.20-22

Every blessing,


The Revd Alan Jewell, Vicar

Posted 8th Jan 2021

Parish Magazine January 2021

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Posted 6th Jan 2021